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Heroes in Black is a non-profit charity that aims to rebuild, inspire, and employ at-risk and homeless people of all ages.

To offer long-term sustainable solutions and provide resources for every individual experiencing homelessness in Canada

Who We Are

Founded in 2013 by Matthew King after being homeless himself for 10 years and was then discovered by Universal Records. Through experiencing life in and out of shelters and stairwells, he chose to dedicate his life to ensuring no one else would settle for those same circumstances.

 'Together we can help create opportunities and improve lives in  our community.'

What We Do

Heroes in Black remain active within the city of Toronto with its yearly campaigns. Ensuring they have access to healthy, nutritious meals; restoring their confidence and sense of self-worth; creating a safe-zone for them to explore and evolve; giving them something to look forward to for the holidays; emphasizes the need to care and be cared for; and offering them a fresh start are only a few approaches we use.


Hunger Heroes

In 2014, Heroes in Black collaborated with Hero Certified Burgers to launch an initiative called "Hunger Heroes". The mission? To feed and clothe people in need. Since then, we have fed and clothed over 31,000 across the downtown core of Toronto, Canada. In addition, we were able to collect a staggering 7 tons of clothing donations from supporters for local youth shelters.

Haircut Heroes

We have partnered with local hair dressers in order to offer free haircuts to those who otherwise would be unable to enjoy such services. Interview ready, it not only reminds them that they are important and loved; it also boosts their confidence and encourages them to dive back into the world and become active, beneficial members of our society.

Hero Camp

Heroes in Black will take up to 30 shelter-living youth on a life-changing retreat in Northern Ontario. Here we offer holistic healing and self-development programs that offer these youth the tools and coping mechanisms necessary in sustaining a fresh start and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Holiday Heroes

On Christmas Day, through the act of various donations from the community, Heroes in Black station themselves equipped with countless gifts for all in need. We offer a sense of community, togetherness, and restore a sense of positive and uplifting holiday spirit that is so easily lost while living on the streets.

Mango Jack Haven

We believe there is so much healing power in helping others through their tough times. It is for this reason that we have created an animal rescue dedicated to saving the lives of cats and dogs from kill shelters. We often pair each animal with a member of our youth program in hopes of rehabilitating both the youth and the animals being cared for.


A small community of tiny homes that offer a fresh start for the youth.

Since the launch of Heroes in Black in 2014, WE have given 1 scholarship to the Royal Conservatory, created 11 Initiatives to rebuild, inspire and employ people living on the streets, hand-chosen 21 unshakable staff members, held over 100 events in the province of Ontario, helped over 100 people gain employment, worked with over 1,000 volunteers, fed and clothed over 30,000 people, and coincidentally, have managed to spread a wildfire of over 100,000 acts of kindness throughout the city of Toronto.